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Just read your article on Tedium about home security and connectivity.

Slightly different spin in the UK. Lots of security items (especially lifeline pendants) are still attached to plain old wired analogue landlines.

The dominant connectivity provider, OpenReach (an arms length division of BT) has plans to turn off analogue service by 2025, moving all voice to VoIP. The other providers (Virgin Media, owned by Liberty, Kcom) likely to follow suit. The new fibre altnets are VoIP from the start

People who only want/need landline will get ADSL, Docsis, or some fallback wireless tech.

Issue is the VoIP gear generally does not have battery backup. Very much an issue for security, and lifelines.

Typical replacement (for lifelines at least) is a 3G connected device, with an all networks roaming SIM. These are just rolling out now (from companies like Doro).

And lots of the installed base for smart utility meters is 2.5g (GPRS), and the mobile nets want to turn off 2g soon (at least for consumers) to repurposed the bandwidth to 4g/3g and then 5g.

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