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Honestly, I could use the money and I’ve been writing about true crime for years anyway. If the “support independent journalism” thing works for you, then go with that.

What’s up with “Crimes In Progress”?

Well, it sounds cool for a start. But more importantly, I grabbed the domain CrimesInProgress.com a few years ago and held on to it. The phrase is from a Hunter S. Thompson quote because I’m all deep and original.

Does this stupid site have an editorial focus?

That’s kind of mean but, yeah. True crime is something I truly love. However, it bothers me from time to time. The focus is often on the gruesome and sensational. Or serial killers. I never understood the fascination with serial killers. They’re quite boring. As a journalist (having done both mainstream and independent work), I understand why publications focus on these things. True crime stories have been click-bait since well before hyperlinks.

I don’t think it has to be this way. True crime offers an opportunity to look at the scary things that fascinate us in a constructive manner. True crime gives us a chance to investigate what happens when society behaves at its worst. And if we ask deeper questions, maybe we can understand how to change things for the better. Crime will always exist. We can get better at catching those involved.

A “Crimes In Progress” story looks past the sensationalism of true crime to see what can be learned about our pursuit of justice.

SPOILER ALERT: Things are pretty screwed up.

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Most crime goes unnoticed... these are crimes in progress.


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